We are really pleased to add Ansee Herbal Cosmetics into our group of companies which is operating in the fields of industry, textile, construction, service and foreign trade.

Why ANSEE herbal cosmetics?

Nowadays; one of the most important consumable that deteriorate the health of people, is cosmetic. We hear the sufferings of the people due to the use of materials and foods which contains chemicals every day; and even we witness on our relatives and neighborhood.

We believe that all things in nature are in a perfect balance; in this balance which is created by Allah; we also believe that there are drugs for every kind of diseases inside the nature.

Cosmetic is the most important material that is affecting human health except foods. Our target for rolling up one's sleeves is to make the all women to use these benefits of the nature and to offer them cosmetic products which are manufactured from only the special mixture of plants.

We have made a decision and with this conviction .....

We have employed herbalists who are well aware of the plants and experts at their fields.

We worked hard and we have brought out ANSEE cosmetic products for you. ANSEE Cosmetic was founded with a simple idea which contains a great meaning in it. But nowadays; we are proud of our products which are exported to many countries of the world.

We continue to work hard.

Our herbalists are continuing to investigate the formulas of our grandpas and grandmas. We continue to develop new products for you.

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