Argan Oil 50 ml.

Benefits :

Argan Oil known as ' Liquid gold of Morocco'. Thanks to Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and antioxidants in its content, can be used as anti-aging and renewing cream. Argan Oil for body care can be used as against to cracking, regulating sebum for oily skin, the prevention of eczema, the prevention of aging. It is applied to the body before going to bed and an apparent gain of flexibility affects the skin can occur within a few days. Facial skin care is applied by a few drops on the cleaned face. Argan oil is used as a regulator of hair care and hair mask. The hair is to strengthen and supplies the appearance of shine, softness and vitality. Apply the product to the hair as mask and wash the hair after waiting half an hour. Argan oil is used as the active care of the nail. Mix with the lemon juice, finger tips in this mixture for 15 minutes. Regular use strengthens brittle nails. Argan oil is also used as massage oil. Easily reabsorbed by the body for the massage, does not require showering after.

Argan (Argania spinosa): Argan herbal contains vitamin of E, Omegas, squalen, sterollers and antioxidants. Helps to moisturize dry skins and provides the balance of oil on for oily skins. Argan oil has the feature of moisturizing the skin in short time and providing regeneration of the cells also it already used in cosmetic sector.

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