Ozone Calendula Cream 100 ml.

Benefits :

Used to help outside treatment of local skin problems, it is one of the most important herbal.
It helps for the treatment of pimples, acne, dark spots on the face.
It is helpful for the treatment of psoriasis, watery psoriasis, eczema.
Can be used against to itchy feet, especially for fungi also deep fractures on heel of the foot .
Can be applied for allergic and bacterial itchiness of skin.
Caused by infection or wound is useful against all superficial inflammations.
All superficial wounds, bleeding, bruises, burns and sunburn can be used against.
It helps to end tensions and hardness of the skin.
Because the cream softens the hardness of the superficial muscles, such as the softening in-depth help.
The same Calendula Cream helps for the treatment of new or old wounds.
In addition, it helps to reduce tension of surgery wounds and helps to closure of it healthy.

Calendula (calendula officinalis) : It is the most important herb which used for the treatment of local skin problems. It is effective against to all superficial injuries, bruises and sunburns. The ointment is very effective against to fungal infection (especially for itchy fungi).

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