Skin Blemish Cream 50 ml.

Benefits :

Speckles and blemishes are such problems arising from irregular functioning of the pigment substance which gives the skin its color and they may arise due to sun, pregnancy, pimples and aging. It eliminates speckles and blemishes, the skin cells which are the sources of the problem in the epidermis layer by regulating the pigment substance that gives the skin its color. It gives the skin its natural color. During this process, it moisturizes the skin and gives it tightness. Result shall be gained if any other product is not applied on the places where the cream is applied. There are intensified moisturizers in the cream and no additional moisturizer is required. Cream offers a permanent solution for speckles and blemishes. It gives the skin a silken and softens appearance. Protect from sun light. It is suitable for all skin types.

Akırı karha (Pyrethre): It is an auxiliary herb that regulates melanin excretion of skin.

Horse Chesnut (aesculus hippacastanum) : It is used as an auxiliary herb for the treatment of blemish on the skin with its content named as aescin substance.

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