Blue Anemone Cream 50 Ml

Benefits :

Moisturizer Face Cream penetrates in your skin and assists you with eliminating the wrinkles and thin lines, sun spots, acne and pimple blemishes in the face and neck also moisturize dry skin. It is a cosmetic product that assists with reducing the thin lines and deep wrinkles in the face and neck, removing loss of elasticity, regaining the moisture that the skin losses very quickly, repairing the crinkled structure in the skin, can be used as a daily moisture cream, provides thightening the skin while moisturizing ,  strengthening the barrier functions of the skin against free radicals.

Blue Anemone Flower (Anemone Apennine) : This herb contains antioxidants in a high rate. Helps to reduce deformations and effects of wrinkles on the skin which caused by mimics and lack of collagen in time, also it is a very good moisturizer. 

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