Pink Mask with Botox Effect 150 ml.

Benefits :

It renews the skin. Renewing effect of the pink mask on the skin gave positive results as a result of tests performed by experts. The benefits of the Pink Mask includes providing smooth appearance in the skin when applied on the skin, it enables the skin surface to breathe through purification of dead cells in the skin and thus the skin appears younger and smoother. Upon the use of the Pink Mask, the most common benefit is disappearance of acne and similar skin diseases in time and removal of the blemish traces that arise from those diseases partially. Using of the Pink Mask removes cellulites and similar bad appearance observed on body surfaces including face, waist, haunch, hip shoulders, back and purifies the skin from appearance of orange pod. It removes the wrinkles though provisionally thanks to Botox effect. Pink Mask with Botox Effect, you can keep the natural herbal secret of having clean face and body, in your hand. Thanks to hyaluronic acid in its content, is useful to repair collogen tissues of building stones.

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