Stretch Mark and Cellulite Cream 150 Ml.

Benefits :

Collagen is the building stone of the skin.You can imagine it as the bricks on the wall.The skin is exposed to a serious change with aging or through pregnancy or loss in weight; the bricks are decomposed and begin to be destroyed. They weaken and start to bend down and crumple.It assists with stimulating collagen polyprotein production in various skin layers.It assists with restructuring thickening of the skin and its turning back to its original appearance.Furthermore, our product assists with reducing whiteness seen together with crapped.The product is useful for repairing damaged skin tissues.It helps the skin to strengthen and appear livelier.Furthermore, it is useful for discharging the water kept in the cells and thus tightening the skin.It not only creates smoothing in appearance but it is useful for restructuring and repairing building stones of the skin.Therefore the result is continuous and glittering.It helps with reducing and removal of the crapped caused by passing years.Chapped and Cellulite Cream made of herbal essences and doesn't contain any chemical materials.Substances of orange and seaweed oils, in its content helps cellulite treatment.

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