Herbal Skin Care Cleansing Tonic 100 ml.

Benefits :

Even it is difficult, do not ignore to clean your make-up that serving you a good appearance for all day. Give a chance your skin to be relaxed. Afterwards clean your skin with Ansee Skin Tonic. It is useful to apply the tonic not just for make-up, also helpful for your daily routine cleaning in the evening and morning. The tonics are very important in skin care products. They complete cleaning and tighten the pores of the skin. Maybe you have a question in your mind as, why is the water not enough? The water can be stiff. High rate of calcium and lime in water's content can cause a bad appearance on the face. Ansee Skin Cleansing Tonic prepares the skin for other care products. The Chemical cleaning products solve and remove the oil and soluble materials of water from the face. Nevertheless it is not enough for efficient purification. Ansee Skin Cleansing Tonic removes insoluble particles as dirt and dead cells by wiping. Ansee Skin Cleansing Tonic has the feature such as relaxing, refreshing, purifying and antiseptic. It helps to prevent congestion of the pores, cleans the over sebum from skin with acne or oily. It is effective and suitable for all skin types. It only cleans dead cells because of not having sebum problem. Prevents drying out and peeling on the skin. Thanks to feeding essence, relieves and cleans the skin. Not contains any torrid chemical, it made of natural herbal essences.

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