Hair Styling 300 ml.

Benefits :

It strengthens hair and keeps the hair shiny. It is used both for men and women and has the abilities of removing white hair and styling. Product is the consistency of hair gel and it consists of natural herbal extracts in effect. After using the product 15 days, you will observe that your white hair will become gray and than dark gray. Its effect is not temporary. It is effective when used regular. It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals for health. That product has manufactured from herbal and has no side effects.

Usage :

It is taken into the palm and applied to the hair after showering every day during one or two months. It is applied to dry hair ones every day like a jelly and is not washed. When you catch with the desired hair color it is advice to apply the product twice in a week to remain constant in color. Ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is the talk of her hair care elixir even after hundreds of years. In those years when all the things related to beauty was natural, hair care that had been applied by Cleopatra has maintained is reputation to the present when we are experiencing the richness of cosmetics. Already the foundations of cosmetics come from nature. You can also have your hair as beautiful as Cleopatra by using the natural products manufactured by Ansee.

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