Establishing of Riva Herbal Cosmetic Company our main purpose; developing an alternative cosmetic side/way for human health and ecological balance which was disturbed and became a global problem due to chemical use. Nowadays everything is artificial, usage of chemicals making a negative effect of nature, our drinks, our meals and our beauty. People need to use natural things as a feeling with becoming conscious. Many countries in the world started to use recycling elements and it is increasing day by day.

Creator and employees of Riva Company established Ansee Cosmetic with this idea, confidence and unavoidable necessity. We searched all the useful herbs which confirmed and used for thousand of years during history. We picked these herbs from the mountains; combined and handled them with last technology machines, designed with love and made packages, tested them the best laboratories in the world. We produced Ansee products for your beauty and your health. Because we really care about you… We would like to say thanks to all of Ansee employees and people who collect herbs from the mountains.

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